An experience of a lifetime

So today I did something awesome! First let me say, I am a writer. Have been since I was a child. But rarely have I shared any piece with anyone. As a writer, I’m an artist…”and I’m sensitive about my shyt” (Miss Badu). This past February,  I auditioned for the “Listen To Your Mother” DC show and became a cast member alongside some of the most incredible women I’ve ever met. Women from all over, with great stories. We made each other cry, laugh, reflect, and hope. Today we all got up on a stage and shared those stories with an audience consisting of friends, family, and LTYM alumni. Now that it’s over, and the high from the adrenaline rush that perfoming provides has come down, I’ve had time to reflect. 

This wasn’t small. How often in today’s time, can you have 5 black women, 6 white women (+2), come together in love and just one commonality, motherhood? Color was recognized (we even had a joking moment about segregation) but was never a big deal. The ugliness of the world couldn’t reach us as we became sisters of storytelling, all there to support one another and share. (That’s a lot of S’s). It was amazing. Wouldn’t it be great if the whole world operated this way? No political correctness, no being overly sensitive, interaction without fear, and just truth.  Our director, probably the most authentic human manifestation of pure sunshine, said that storytelling “makes the world feel smaller”. And she’s sooo right. How close do you feel to someone who has bared their soul in the spirit of transparency, sharing their grief, happiness, fears, and desires with you? I feel pretty damn close when I am the sharer as well as the receiver. It helps us not only understand one another better, but also appreciate one another. With appreciation comes respect. If only the world were the LTYM stage.