Connectivity-the universe, people, and whatnot

Last Sunday I was invited by a lovely Sista  to an awesome event at a nearby park that included gardening, fellowship, then yoga. The kids played on the playground in between running down the aisles of the lush, somewhat overgrown community garden, while we pulled weeds, turned soil, harvested, and chatted. All of the sistas were naturalistas and the brothas were health conscious kings with tattoos and calm demeanor. Conversations ranged from what to do with the squash and eggplant we’d just picked to gentrification of the community, from great parks in our area to world travel. After gardening,  we dusted off and found a wide grassy space. Trading our shovels and dirt for yoga mats and incense, we setup in a circle and joined hands. The yoga instructor who’d been invited by the event coordinator was a mahogany skinned, toned sista with a mohawk and brilliant billion dollar smile. Yoga was the best part of the gathering!!!

Let me tell ya, I’m no real “yogi” per se, but I enjoy meditation…..and yoga…especially outside. This was better than the usual clean studio with hardwood floors and mirrors . There was light traffic passing by, other families in the park, shade from the trees, a breeze from mother nature, and warmth from the sun…all in perfect portions to provide a harmonious balance of real world and spirit. Such a positive energy flowed through the circle. Afterwards, we all felt so connected that we left wanting more of each other and made plans to do this on a bi-weekly basis, at the least.

It was nice to disconnect from the hustle bustle and connect with nature and other people. I think we left wanting more because this is what we crave as humans. Especially those of us who vibrate higher. I found my people! 🙂


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