Finding my Zen in the midst of crazy

I swear it seems that over the last few weeks, everyone has completely went nuts. We are constantly bombarded with an overwhelming amount of emotionally charged imagery and rhetoric. As it stands, we are engaged in a war on terror abroad, a race war here in the US, a war with police, the government is about to declare martial law, the NWO is in play, and at any moment our lives can become a living reflection of the Hunger Games (fortunately like Katniss, I am an excellent archer, however I’d be dead bc I wouldn’t harm a fly). This is an election year and the inauguration of a new president will introduce a new annual custom known as “the purge” and many of us will  not survive. The conspiracy theorists are literally salivating at the very notion of their claims finally becoming validated. Their moment of “I told you so!!” is a fingertip touch away. Bottom line, it’s a jungle out there and jungles are scary, not least for most humans anyway.

I have several opinions and plenty to say about what’s going on, just as everyone else. But for right now, my desire goes beyond just wanting to let it all out. I want an escape from the sensory overload. I was asked by a few friends how I was sleeping. Honestly, like a baby. How? According to, there are 5 main tips to finding your peace. I have applied these tips to my life, and even more so recently.

  1. living in the right now: this for me includes letting go of the past as well as welcoming the future without fear of what it contains. in addition, it is also being flexible, enjoying the impromptu playdates and games of tag with my children at the park. If nothing else, a crazy world makes you stop and appreciate the simplicity of enjoying those moments as they happen, rather than checking your watch in order to stay on schedule.
  2. acceptance: of who you are, your own abilities (or lack thereof), and once again, the craziness of the world. The serenity prayer comes to mind. we know that as much as we’d like to rid the world of evil, there are just some things we cannot change. There is great liberation in simply letting go. Trust me.
  3. forgiveness: to me this coincides with #1 and 2. Forgiveness is a like a balm for thehealing-yoga-picture soul as it cleanses you of negative energy. Holding onto past hurts and a grudge will weigh you down like a grocery bag full of rocks, the heavy, boulderesque kind. it ain’t fun to carry, it’s useless, and it’s nonprogressive.
  4. MEDITATION!!!! This is one of my favorite things to do. in our world of sensory overload and over-stimulation, if you’re like me, your brain is working over time overprocessing and over analyzing. my wheels are constantly turning, pondering the why’s, I find myself thinking about thinking and it gets pretty loud in there (I swear I’m not really crazy). meditation allows me to quiet those intrusions of peace, process them calmly, find the peace within and gain clarity of thought. All of the above usually happen once I’ve meditated. My meditation time is usually accompanied by crystals, tea, and sage or incense. (I’ll post about this later)
  5. journaling: This tip is awesome! I like writing but for those of us those that don’t, consider it not writing per se, but talking to yourself in page form. I started years ago when I was in high school as just a place to tell my secrets and vent, but eventually it became not only an escape for self-expression, but also documentation of my progress (if any). The fortunate thing about journaling is that the pages are unbiased and they accept your truth without judgement.
  6. this is my bonus: UNPLUG! As I mentioned before…sensory overload. give yourself a break. Logoff. Disconnect. Simply shut it all down. I go long periods without turning on a single tv. I can go even longer without social media (which I keep to a minimum anyway). I understand the need to remain informed, but when you find yourself drained yet still can’t pull away, waiting for more info that isn’t coming (and really doesn’t make a difference in your here and now), it’s time to shut…it…down. (i’ll post about the joys of unplugging in another post)

I hope this helps someone as it has helped me. Don’t let the outside world rob you of your inner peace and positive energy. Take it back!

Peace & blessings


5 Tips to Finding Peace retrieved from


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